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K2 Media is a family company with roots in Ohio. Formed in 2012 by Bob, Rodger, David and Natalie Kessler. Since 1972, the three brothers (Bob, Rodger, and David) have owned and operated an outdoor advertising and electrical sign company in Ohio, Kessler Sign Company. Natalie joined Kessler Sign Company in 2008 to help develop the company’s newly formed digital billboard division. In 2012, an opportunity arrived to develop another billboard division along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. Natalie eagerly packed her bags and headed south on a mission to grow the newly formed K2 Media, Inc.


So, what does K2 stand for? This is a common question. Each time we are asked those questions, we really wish we had a more clever answer. K2 simply combines our last name – Kessler with the number ‘2’ meaning our second outdoor advertising company. We admit – It is kind of ironic that a creative media company has such an uncreative company name. No worries though – we have reserved all of our creative energy to be used on you, our customer!


Natalie Kessler

Is it normal to stop and take pictures of signs and billboards on your family vacations? Having grown up in our family sign and billboard company, stopping for pictures of billboards along the way seemed perfectly normal. It wasn’t until I was old enough to bring a friend on our annual trip to Myrtle Beach that I learned pulling off Interstate 95 to take a picture of a billboard was, in fact, weird. Huh, who knew!

I must have gotten my geeky love for advertising honestly, because I still take pictures of cool signs and billboards whenever I travel.

My experience with marketing and advertising is not limited to just the billboard and sign world. I have worked with over one thousand small businesses throughout my career in other advertising industries including – Newspaper print and online, Direct Mail publication, Yellow Page advertising directories, online coupon publication, and a national billboard company.

In my time in the industry I understand that my success is directly related to the success of my customers.

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Bob, Rodger and Dave Kessler

The Kessler brothers, are the owners and operators of Kessler Sign Company. Their journey began in 1972 with humble beginnings working out of a garage. Today, Kessler Sign Company has grown into one of the nation’s premiere sign and outdoor advertising companies, with a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility based out of their Zanesville, Ohio headquarters. Kessler Sign Company services a five-state area including Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Bob, Rodger, and Dave are still actively involved in the daily operations of their Ohio sign plant. The addition of the Florida K2 Media inventory has allowed them a valid excuse to visit Florida conveniently during the frigid Ohio winters.

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